International Wig
PutOnPieces Color Chart

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R1 - Jet

R2 - Ebony

R4 - Midnight Brown

R6 - Dark Chocolate

R6/30H - Dark Chocolate w/Auburn Highlights

R8 - Dark Cinnamon

R8/25 - Golden Walnut

R829S - Glazed Hazelnut

R830 - Ginger Brown

R10 - Chestnut

R1020 - Buttered Walnut

R12/26H - Honey Pecan

R13/23 - Pecan Mist


R14/25 - Honey Ginger

R14/88H - Golden Wheat

R1416T - Buttered Toast

R16 - Honey Blonde

R21T - Sandy Blonde

R22 - Swedish Blonde

R25 - Ginger Blonde

R1627 - Butterscotch Blonde

R2026S - Glazed Apricot

R101 - Pearl Platinum

R1621S - Glazed Sand S


R27T - Ginger Red

R28S - Glazed Fire S

R29S - Glazed Strawberry S

R30 - Auburn

R33 - Dark Auburn

R130 - Dark Copper

Glazed Cranberry

Glazed Cinnamon

Glazed Auburn


R38 - Smoked Walnut

R44 - Steel Gray

R48 - Walnut Mist

R56 - Smoke

R56/60 - Silver Mist

Fantasy Colorstop

Acid Green

Blue Moon

Bubblegum Pink

Red Riot

Tangerine Dream

Ultra Violet

Trio Colorstop

R1/R4/R6 - Deep Brown and Black Trio

R2/R6/R33 - Deep Brown and Red Trio

R4/R6/R29 - Dark Brown and Red Trio

R6/R8/R10 - Medium Brown Trio

R8/R10/R25 - Medium Brown and Golden Blonde Trio

R10/R16/R21 - Ash Blonde and Medium Brown Trio

R14/R25/R27 - Golden Blonde and Red Trio

R16/R22/R25 - Light Golden Blonde Trio

R25/R27/R29 - Strawberry Blonde Trio

R25/R29/R33 - Light Red Trio

R28/R30/R33 - Medium Red Trio

R6/R130/R33 - Deep Red and Brown Trio

Human Hair Colorstop

R1HH - Black

R3HH - Dark Brown

R4HH - Chestnut Brown

R5HH - Light Reddish Brown

R6HH - Medium Auburn

R7HH - Strawberry Blonde

R8HH - Golden Blonde

R9HH - Light Golden Blonde

R10HH - Palest Blonde