Directions for wearing an Omega Part wig
Step 1:This shows the user with her natural hair. Your own hair can be any style or color, but make sure you have at least a few inches of hair length.
Step 2:The next step is to prepare for the Omega Part Wig by flattening your hair and pulling it back.
Step 3:Now gather some of the hair from your bangs or top so that it may be worn through the opening of the Omega Part Wig.
Step 4:Hold your hair out while putting on the Omega Part Wig so that it will be exposed through the open part.
Step 5:Make sure the wig is on comfortably and begin to style your own hair for blending with the wig. Brush your hair into the wig for a natural blend.
Step 6:Continue brushing and blending until your desired style is achieved. For best results choose the color that best matches your own hair.