Shipping Information

Rates and Delivery Times

Shipping Info:

We ship to the confirmed cardholder billing address only, or the confirmed Paypal address only.
Please read this page in full if you are a first time customer, we will have you sign at checkout you have read and agreed to our info so that there is no issues with options you have chosen for your order

Please note that one of our offices is in Oregon but our shipping warehouses are all over the USA. Please do not assume that a ground shipment will arrive any faster to you than outlined on this page just because you are in or close to Oregon. No matter where in the USA you are, for a ground shipment, the time below would apply.

In the USA? Ground shipping is FREE if your order is over $100...! This does not apply to Wholesale orders from our wholesale section. If your order is under $100, pay $6.99 shipping. This is a 10-14 business day delivery. We ship with FedEx, UPS and USPS, the carrier will depend on what you order, the type of shipping you order and your location. Over sized & larger orders may incur an additional delivery fee which will be discussed with you prior to processing order. International orders with Wholesale items will cost additional to ship, and will be reflected in your total at checkout for you to approve before you checkout.
International rates are below, please scroll down to see them.


When an item can go express, these options will be on the items page. If you don't see any express options, the item can't go express. Note that Saturday & Sunday do not count in shipping days. To leave that day order must be input to us before 10 AM.

Express fees are per brand- not per wig. You can order 100 wigs of the same brand for only one express fee. Add express fee to one item per brand in your cart only. Your parcel is guaranteed to arrive in the time you choose, but the guarantee does not apply to UPS, FEDEX, or USPS express shipments which are delayed due to causes beyond the shippper's control including, but not limited to the following: unavailability or refusal of a person to accept delivery of the shipment, acts of God, public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority on the premises, acts or omissions of Customs or similar authorities, riots, strikes, or other labor disputes, civil commotions, disruptions in air or ground transportation networks, such as weather phenomena, and natural disasters. Once you are emailed your order ships, or it shows shipped online in your account info, please track it online, if your parcel is lost or damaged it is up to you to let us know this info, time is of the essence and claims must be filed accordingly. USA express applies to the contiguous USA only and cant be guaranteed for a PO box.

  • The $10 express ground option is ground shipping but leaves within a few days, will not take the normal process time. The Express Ground is 6-9 business days depending on how far you are from the warehouse.
  • The 3 day express option will get your item to you in 3 business days- order on a Monday, and your order will arrive Thursday. Place order before 10 AM.
  • The 2 day express option will get your item to you in 2 business days- order on a Thursday, and your two day air order will arrive Monday. Place order before 10 AM.
  • The Overnight Air Saver option will get your item to you in 1 business day- order on a Monday, and your order will arrive Tuesday. Place order before 10 AM.
  • Each items page will have an express option if it can go express. Please read the express info on your items page. If you are unsure the type of express to pick, please call or email us. The below info is our normal shipping info, and only applies if you do not order express of some type.
If your order is under $100, the express fees above, will be additional to the $6.99 fee billed for orders under $100. Remember- WEEKENDS do not count in UPS delivery days unless you order overnight air on a Friday, paying extra for Saturday delivery.

Please scroll down to read all information on shipping rates and delivery times. Please read the info below in full, it explains our process and delivery times. As well, the directions for express shipping is listed below.

In the USA, your order ships FREE if your order is over $100...! If your order is under $100, pay $6.99 shipping. This is a 10-14 business day delivery.

We ship anywhere! No matter where you are, we will get your parcel to you. Be it a PO Box, APO, FPO or other Military address, work, home, or on a Saturday! Do not worry if you are as far as Italy, Turkey, Israel or Saint Kitts and Nevis! We have customers at every end of the earth, and send parcels regularly to such locations. Note that all International parcels under $200 ship with a low value declaration.

Express orders are sent direct from the maker and tracking may not be readily available. When you order the accessory items on each items page, they will normally ship separately through the post office and not go express.

NOTE- Heavy & over sized items, and bulk/wholesale or items purchased in lots, or in great quantity, may incur additional fees which will be confirmed with you prior to us processing your order.

Should you be one of our International customers, our shipping rates are as follows-

Up to $150- Shipping = $24.99

$150.01 - $250- Shipping = $29.99

$250.01 - $350- Shipping = $34.99

Over $350- Shipping= $44.99

NOTE- oversize items and bulk/wholesale or items purchased in lots, or in great quantity, may incur additional fees which will be confirmed with you prior to us processing your order. If items are out of stock from any order which has multiple items, we may, at our discretion refund your out of stock items and not back order them for you, depending on the situation of the out of stock items, and note that this may then alter your shipping fees, to lower them, or to incur any applicable shipping fee if your order then changes total. Checks you mail into us are held to clear. You are charged when you order, and any refunds are applied to the method used for payment.

Many items are eligible for Express shipping in the USA. We do not express wholesale orders. If you desire express shipping, please do not use paypal or google checkout as we then have no way to bill you the express fee once you confirm it. Please use a credit card only for any express desired order.

Prices subject to change without notice. When you use a credit card or paypal, you are billed when you submit your order. International Wigs reserves the right to void or cancel an order should the price being charged for any item be deemed invalid. Items depicted on our site are not guaranteed of being in stock, we display all items and colors made for each item the manufacturer produces. Our site does not feature a "real time" stock count, which, due to shipments arriving each day, and items selling out each day, would be impossible. If your item is out of stock, and could not arrive in the time stated herein, the charge on your card would be voided or refunded, with no fees, of course.


  • Standard shipping orders take on the average of 10-14 business days to receive in the USA. Most orders are delivered well before the 10-14 Business days, but depending on the items you order, our general time frame is the 10-14 business days in the USA. Please note this info prior to an order, as when you order from our site with the option of ground service, you are agreeing to the fact that a 10-14 business day time frame for delivery is OK with you. We don't offer an exact shipping date on standard non express orders- just a average estimate of 1-2 weeks process time, and another week for you to receive. An order can easily process for two weeks with our normal non express shipping. Orders with multiple items are held till all items are ready to ship- unless holding stock items would result in late delivery- then, the in-stock items would ship, & other items would then ship when they arrived, with no additional fees for the customer, of course. Note that at times items sell out, and are back ordered, & when this happens you will get an email or phone call from us, giving you the option to go onto back order status, choose another item or color- or receive a full refund. Once you place your order, is goes into "processing" mode. Once we process it, it goes into "pending shipment" mode. It can remain in that mode for a week, or two, depending on the brand you order, as explained above. As stated on our Lace Wig page, Lacefront items may take longer than normal to receive. Please note this before placing an order.

  • International orders are shipped once your order is ready in-house, same as orders for the USA, which, as explained above, process time wise, is 1-2 weeks. Once we ship your item thru USPS there is no time guarantee of delivery, if you do not opt for express, but for standard Air Mail, and many items do get delayed once in Customs, which is out of our control. We offer you a custom # but are unable to assist in any way with the tracking or delivery of your parcel out of the USA. If we send your parcel with normal delivery, there is NO tracking just a custom #. We have only proof of post plus a custom #, which is trackable somewhat, but only once your custom office scans it. It wont show the progress of your parcel. Only Express International mail is trackable online from the day we send it til the day it reaches your location. If you desire Express Global Mail, which tends to be faster, email us for the shipping rate once you order. Global Mail, for one pound begins at $50.00, out of the USA. Note that we can express International shipments only once WE get them to our office- they cant ship from the maker same day. The more items you order, the more brands you order, bear in mind they must all come to us from different locations, before we can then make one express shipment to you. To get express delivery for an international order simply email us after you order and we will email you back the quote for you to approve. For non express orders, we are able to send between 3-5 items for the price you will be billed at checkout. If the order requires additional shipping fees, we will have you approve of such before they are billed, but normally over the 3-5 items will require additional postage.