Affiliate Program
Earn cash or receive free products simply by telling people about us!

Affiliate Program
Earn cash or receive free products for every sale!

Do you have a website? A forum group, blog, or even personal website is OK too. Anywhere you get traffic, where people would be interested in our products, you will make money! Sign up for an Affiliate Account with us by clicking the "Continue" button below. We'll give you HTML code so you can put an Affiliate link to International WigsŪ on your site.

We don't pay per click- we pay per sale. Each sale you generate- you get 10%.  All records are automatically kept and updated via our server. You also can log into your account and view the info. Payments are made via paypal, or store credit, once the balance in your account is $100.

We provide you with banner ads and text links that you can simply choose, copy & paste! Be on your way to success today, sign up now!

Encourage your friends and associates to become your partner-affiliates. A prospective partner-affiliate simply needs to visit the International Wigs store by clicking on the link on your website. Once they have been redirected to our store, and have signed up to become an affiliate themselves, you will earn 1% on sales generated through their link!  

Note:  You cannot earn affiliate credit through your own purchases.  You only earn credit when other people make purchases using your affiliate link(s).  

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