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Goldie wears Sugar Rush wig by Forever Young
Before WB_SaphireWB_Saphire Shana wearing Saphire by Sepia hairpiece in color 30, WA_Ariel and Ariel by Mona Lisa,
(No Longer Available)
and WA_Donata in color 19

Sammy wearing Felicia 3/4 fall wig by Mona Lisa in color 4
...This hair piece is really pretty...
It looks very natural and its so silky. Thanks again!

Stephanie is wearing WA_Uma


Kim wears the Sheryl wig by Sepia in color #18/22

Susan by Mona Lisa in color #1

Human Hair Niki 3/4 Fall by Sepia, with her own black headband

Becky wearing Zin wig by Tony of Beverly,

and our Asa wig by Tony of Beverly
(No Longer Available)

Tina wearing Bianca wig by European Naturals
(No Longer Available)


Tricia looks dramatically different in our Troy wig by Sepia(Color 30),

and Bianca by European Naturals (in Burgundy)
(No Longer Available)

Stevie wearing our LindaB wig by Sepia,

Aleesha XXL wig by New Look,

(No Longer Available)

and Pammy wig

(No Longer Available)
Patty C wears Amanda by Mona Lisa
(No Longer Available)

Joanne wearing Human Hair Jasmine in color 613
Oliver is ready to go out in Naomi by Sepia

Kim wearing Zoe hairpiece by Sepia in color 27C/H24B, and Leslie wig by New Look in color H613/613A.
WA_Zoe GT_LeslieL

Trudy wearing GT_BC100XL Banana Clips by New Look

Wearing our human hair Amber wig by Sepia...

(No Longer Available)

Wearing our human hair Teresa wig by Sepia, Babycakes turns heads.....

The wig I got from you used to be my natural color before coloring my hair to cover the gray, I hate the way the color turns red when I want to be the old me all I have to do is flip on my beautiful wig..its beauty and natural looking highlights don't show up in this pic..I'm having fun with it and it gives me a lift to be able to have a good hair doo in a split sec!! Thanks!

My new wig is Saphire in the color black.
(No Longer Available)

Everytime I wear it out I get people telling me I should be a hair model, but I just don't have the heart to tell them it isn't all my natural hair. I just wanted to thank you for such a superior product.

Princess wears our Rabbit wig by Lacey.....

Jersey Girl wears Calista by Forever Young, our jaw clip add-on.

Cheryl wears Hanna by New Look

I recently ordered and received your "Hanna" in RS29 and I absolutely love the quality and color! I am attaching a picture that you are welcome to use on your web site which will hopefully also show the flexibility of this piece. I trimed in some wispy bangs, and turned the curl more under around the face rather than out as is shown. Very workable piece, and I've had tons of compliments on it!
Thanks again...great customer service, great product...and you just can't beat the price!

Chelsea is wearing our New Tina by Sepia in color 4/24.

(No Longer Available)
Amanda gets married in our Joy Banana Clip in color #30.


Marlena wears WA_Olivia

Princess wears our PE_ClownDerby hat.....
(No Longer Available)

Mandy wears Frankenstein's Bride wig by Sepia, Ariane wears our Jumbo Braids weaving hair by New Look.....
WB_MsFrank      GT_Jumbobraid

Katrina before,

wearing Kelly by Sepia,

and Shalene by Natural Collection
I just wanted you to see how fabulous these wigs looks on me. Maybe some one else will get inspired.

"Angel" is wearing synthetic hair Teresa wig by Sepia.
"Teresa wig has changed my life entirely" it was to the Point I was getting so thin on top too! The Before of me (left) is all my Hair Pulled to the side and even with that it was really thin and I used to cry because My hair use to be to my waist then I was loosing my Hair by the handfuls it made my hair look alot shorter as well as thin too! But if these " after and before " Pictures of me can help encourage someone else I am submitting these Pic's to You.
There is Help out there and you offer it at an Good Price and Quality.
Thanks so Much for Bringing Back my self Confidence and Making Me Feel Better at the same time.
Thanks so Much!

Ricky has selected a human hair lash.....
pick yours!

Princess wears our eyelashes.....
pick one!

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